How to accept the concept of parallel universe?

the concept of parallel universe
the concept of parallel universe

How to accept the concept of parallel universe?

In truth, humans can think in a variety of ways. We may evaluate things in a variety of ways. But is our ability to think distracting us from our goals? When the thought of many potential universes or many-worlds occurs to me, I think in this manner. It is, in my opinion, flawed. What does it mean to create parallel universes? When quantum physics states that there can be possibilities until one of them comes true, and when that happens, all possibilities vanish. As a result, there should be no place for the potential universe.

the concept of parallel universe

I don’t recall where I heard that if someone aims a pistol at someone, a parallel world is established with the possibility that the person would die after being shot, or he will miraculously save his life. Alternatively, he will arrive at the hospital injured after being shot. When a bullet kills him in the real reality, that individual is still alive in the prospective universe.

When I think about it, I can’t make up my mind. If quantum physics believes that the probability of an occurrence remains until that event occurs, then the possibilities cease when the event occurs. The concept of a parallel world becomes true only when we learn that energy, or what we call particle-wave duality (which I regard to be the most fundamental kind of energy), is capable of creating its own clones. At the same time, these energy clones operate against energy, although I see numerous issues with this as well.

Watching movies is not my pastime, nor do I enjoy it, but I recently saw Marvel’s Spider-Man film on television, which is most likely based on a hypothetical reality. However, it is only a form of amusement. So I agree that it’s a terrific film with a fresh topic.

But there was one thing I didn’t see in the film. When Spider-Man exists in all conceivable realities, the villains who oppose him must likewise exist in other realms. Well, it was a very nice entertainment film, and despite not like the movies, I’ve always been a major fan of Marvel.

However, my arguments repeatedly reject the concept of many worlds or parallel universes. If I exist in a real world as well as multiple parallel universes, then I must be in the actual universe, and whatever exists must be present in the parallel universe, and whatever exists in the parallel universe must also be present in the real universe.

In such a case, if I die in the actual universe without marrying, the real universe will cease for me, but I will be present in the parallel universe, where I will marry and raise my children. So, what is the true reality for people in the parallel universe who are connected with me? It does not exist in the real reality and impedes the interpretation of parallel universes or many-worlds.

But I also cannot dismiss the notion of many worlds; I believe multiple universes exist, not as a possibility, but as a fact.

We know and can state that the Big Bang formed the universe, thus it is feasible that before the Big Bang, a basic particle might have developed its clone with its energy, resulting in many big explosions at once. Many worlds would have been formed that evolved similarly to ours, and we would have been present in all of them.

We need to reconsider the concept of many worlds. That’s all I’ve got for now. In the following post, I will attempt to explain my argument on many worlds or many universes.


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