Do we need more facts to understand the universe?

understand the universe
understand the universe

Do we need more facts to understand the universe?

I believe that by understanding the existing forces and other components of the universe, we cannot understand the infinite mysteries of the universe. To take this, we have to consider many kinds of right and wrong thinking.

understand the universe

We have to consider modernity as well as the things that have been said by our ancestors. For this, we have to go ahead with all the arguments, we have to ask ourselves the question, is it enough that what we have known by science today? Certainly not, I believe we can understand the universe from a variety of perspectives. Nor can we deny any argument on the basis of certain limited facts.

Whenever I think about creating the universe, it seems as if the way we are trying to understand the universe, in fact the same idea is going to take us away from these mysteries. From whatever point of view you think about the universe, you will go ahead and add up the facts.

In fact, we divide things only on the basis of facts, collect them. But are the facts we’ve really developed right? Or do we believe it to be true? This may be the subject of a debate. But I never deny the possibilities. Infinite possibilities give direction to our thinking.

One such idea is based on possibilities, which neither can I call right or wrong, I think that the universe is a woven web of many dimensions, and it may also be that there are many planets in our own sun-stream where life has been created like the Earth.

But this web of dimensions may have changed the situation of the ghost, the future, and the present, so that where we are looking for is the past of that place, but in the future, a happy life is blooming in the situation there.

As an example, when I look at Mars, I feel like we’re actually searching for mars from a web of dimensions, and maybe, future scientists on Mars are exploring the earth’s past, hoping to build life on earth. I don’t consider my thoughts right and wrong, just try to highlight the possibilities with my thoughts.

I do not prove my facts but expose possibilities. We can see the three forms of time i.e. past, future and present at the same time on earth itself. That is, when today I saw the time of Washington DC, it is 11.50 pm on the night of July 16 and it is 9.20 minutes of July 17 in Exact Time India. That is, where the present of Washington DC is in the past of India and the present of India has gone into the future of Washington DC.

But when I go from Washington to India, I will reach in the present, because we are moving at the same speed in one dimension. Still, you can know the difference in time.

When I think about this, it seems that if there are different dimentions present in the universe and the universe rotates in different dimensions, then of course the time and speed can change, so it may be that at present when we send something to Mars. If so, that thing may have reached there in the past of Mars.

Whenever I talk about dimensions and try to study this, i think to me that we have not been able to fully define the dimensions, I think that dimension is such a complex system, which is much more difficult to understand, and which we define the dimensions, He’s just a small part of the dimensions.

We cannot deny the existence of time and gravity, because such solid arguments prove this, but can we really prove it correctly? And that seems to be the source of the complex arrangement of these dimensions.

The complexity of gravity and time along the dimensions cannot be expressed in words. But know how to keep the entire universe stable with a weak force like gravity? This idea itself leads me to understand the mesh of dimensions.

We can imagine that let’s assume that gravity is spread like a net and there is a layer of many dimensions within it, which is woven over time, in such a way that the universe travels at different times from the dimension in which I live, from where the person from one place in space can see a different time of another place in space, That’s why it takes time for us to find a life around us. And it can also be possible that the other living earth in the universe is going to the past and searching for life, when there was no trace of life on earth.

I have heard many times about aliens and flying saucers (ufo’s), that many times flying saucers have been seen in the sky, which disappears after appearance, have heard many times from their ancestors about the gods, who suddenly come to earth, and suddenly disappear, I have never denied possibilities, I think, a life rich in other dimensions cannot be denied, maybe because of the complexity of the dimensions, we sometimes see the image of other dimensions, of which we are unaware, I think that if we can explore more dimensions, then perhaps in other dimensions we can see life in the universe.

But it is my thoughts, which I cannot weigh in the yardstick of truth or falsehood, my thoughts search for possibilities, whether it is right or wrong.


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