Is there more than 4 dimensions to the universe?

Is there more than 4 dimensions to the universe?

Science is the rational exploration of possibilities. And, in reality, this concept is right; in order to understand the secrets of the world, we must contemplate an infinite number of alternatives. Science and the scientists who work on it generate several lines of reasoning, which we refer to as theories. And to understand the secrets of the cosmos, we have many different sorts of theories, which are the result of great scientists who strove to understand the universe using logic, and this endeavour continues even today.

a person thinking dimensions to the universe
Dimensions to the universe

String theory is one such notion that scientists have been working on for many decades. String theory may also be thought of as a link between quantum physics and relativity theory. To say such would not be an exaggeration.

However, many scientists do not believe string theory is accurate and believe it is merely fiction. Their notion is not entirely incorrect, because the dimensions discussed in string theory can only be a fiction, but it cannot be fully ruled out. More research is required.

Humans have only known roughly four dimensions to the universe, and the thought of extra amplitude is imaginary to us.

Because the concept of other dimensions appears to be beyond our rationality. But aren’t there more dimensions possible? Possibilities, in my opinion, can never be ruled out. It may be true that we may see and feel three dimensions with open eyes, but I do not believe that the concept of extra dimensions is a delusion.

In reality, we can see three dimensions, and if we can feel them, then our world must have many more dimensions. We may not be able to verify this statistically, but the possibilities cannot be ruled out completely. On the contrary, I believe the cosmos can be a network of multiple dimensions, with black holes connecting us to various dimensions. Furthermore, the net of gravity existent in several amplitude maintains the cosmos steady. Because gravity is considered the weakest of the four forces, we can see that it maintains the cosmos perfectly steady.

In fact, would the cosmos exist if gravity were a powerful force? And, if gravity is the weakest force in the cosmos, how can it keep the entire universe stable? Can we suppose that tossing stones decreases the earth’s gravity and that this force is capable of keeping the moon away from the earth as its axis? In reality, I’m not sure if my reasoning is correct or incorrect. However, it is human tendency to look for possibilities using correct or incorrect reasoning.

That is why I believe the cosmos is a multidimensional web in which gravity is woven in such a manner that a weak thread is added to produce a strong fabric, and this is the force of gravity in many dimensions. This time influences speed and distance.

Many scientists agree that gravitational particles must exist in addition to the theory of relativity. Scientists are quite thrilled and interested in this study that the gravitational particle (which has gone to the graviton) genuinely exists since gravitational waves have been identified in the recent explosion of black holes.

When comparing gravity to other forces, I feel a different methodology is required. And looking for it in its current proportions will be a waste of time.


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