Quantum pattern – In quantum physics, can an event be predicted?

quantum patterns
quantum patterns

quantum pattern – In quantum physics, can an event be predicted?

Hello there, buddies. My ideas are incapable of distinguishing between good and wrong, and I have no idea whether I am correct or incorrect. But I never regard logic as right or incorrect, and Quantum Mechanics has also been proved to be valid on the basis of logic and reality by numerous scientists, therefore I must ignore this claim. It’s impossible. However, when I attempt to think about it. Is it thus correct to practise the vast world on the basis of possibilities?

quantum patterns
quantum patterns

Many quantum mechanics experts believe that all event is split into many possibilities until it is turned into a single possibility. Actually, his beliefs appear to be valid based on logic and reality, but I do not believe it is a wholly correct thought, even if this truth has been shown via mathematical and analytical studies.

I believe that events occur in the cosmos because they are predetermined and without possibility; consequently, when I try to expand on this thought, numerous forms of problems arise, such as when thinking about the universe. Why isn’t Einstein a wonderful teacher or musician rather than a brilliant scientist? Let us attempt to discover a solution to this query. Before becoming a scientist, Einstein had the potential to become a great teacher or musician. But his childhood, schooling, and a variety of other events must have occurred for him to become a scientist.

So, what caused those things to happen to them? Because it was determined that he become a great scientist, that is, from birth to the present and future of time, such occurrences were contained to make him a great scientist.  

May this happen, that is, the occurrence of any event could be part of some type of preset quantum pattern? When I attempt to think about it logically, it appears like it was predestined. I believe that for every event to occur in the cosmos, energy must move in time according to a quantum pattern at some level from which certain occurrences occur.

I believe that energy moves in a quantum pattern from one end of time to the other, leading to predestined occurrences. That is, energy passes from the past to the future, leaving little room for possibilities.

So I got to thinking about when possibilities are generated. Possibilities may be seen and comprehended in actuality. If any occurrence in the cosmos is preset, there is no room for chance, and if there are chances, predetermined things cannot exist. In quantum physics, however, both are feasible. I think so.

Events are determined when energy travels from the past end of time to the future, and probabilities occur when energy travels from the future end to the past. it’s possible. When we imagine an event to happen, in reality the energy travels from the end of the future to the past, thereby revealing the possibilities.

I’m not sure if my opinions are correct or incorrect, but this reasoning actually leads us to future correctness, which may be part of a quantum pattern.

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