A particle-wave duality is a particle-wave-vibration tripulity, not just a duality.

particle-wave duality
particle-wave duality

In reality, a particle-wave duality is a particle-wave-vibration tripulity, not just a duality.

Indeed, whether a particle or a wave exists in matter has become obvious in quantum physics, and prominent scientists such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein have demonstrated the existent particle-wave duality via experimental analysis. However, I believe that vibration is the primary foundation of particle-wave duality, and that it is a feature of what we may call the particle-wave-vibration tripulity.

particle-wave duality

As we can see, a photon will only operate as a particle or wave if it has vibration; that is, if there is a particle or a wave, the original vibration is there, hence in the current circumstance. The behaviour of particles and waves may be seen.

We can only know the state of a particle-wave duality when we can see it, just as we can see light experimentally, but when we cannot see it, it is a vibration that acts as a particle or wave in the viewing position.

That is why, when I consider Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, I am forced to embrace the particle-wave-vibration tripulity notion. According to the theory, measuring the location and momentum of a moving particle-wave at the same time is impossible. If one quantity is measured more precisely, the measurement of the other will add to the same degree of error, regardless of how precisely it is measured. And only the creative presence of vibration makes this situation conceivable.

When I try to grasp the notion of a particle-wave-vibration tween as a quantum entanglement, I am able to demonstrate the presence of vibration with actual tenacity. Only when two mutual particle-wave-vibration tripulity are entangled is vibration perceptible. Know everything.

When two items have a physical influence on one other, even after they are separated, they have a quantum link. When one item’s quantum property is measured, the second object gains the opposite attribute at the same time. For example, if two electrons (electrons) are isolated from one other by quantum entanglement and the spin of one is detected, the spin of the other is reversed at that time. Because the two items’ static vibrations influence the opposite spin, which is truly conceivable.

When I consider the Big Bang idea, I believe that the vibrations following the particle-wave only serve to intensify it. The Higgs boson, which caused the Big Bang, is actually the particle-wave-vibration tripulity that causes the Higgs field.


On the basis of logic, I cannot establish it theoretically or empirically. But I don’t consider my thinking to be correct or incorrect. Logic should always be regarded as a foundation. This assists us in locating truth.

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