The Method of Studying : How to Approach the Process of Studying

The Method of Studying
The Method of Studying
The Method of Studying

The Method of Studying :The Quest to Understand Our World

If you are a student or someone with a curious mind, understanding how to approach the process of studying is crucial. Whether you are in pursuit of academic excellence or simply exploring your interests, the method of studying plays a significant role in your journey.

An Example from History

Let’s start with an example from history that illustrates the importance of curiosity, perspective, reasoning, and calculation in the process of learning. How did we come to know that our Earth is round? This question was a major intellectual challenge over 500 years ago when science had not yet advanced enough to definitively prove the Earth’s spherical shape. In fact, many religious beliefs of the time asserted that the Earth was flat and at the center of the universe, with celestial bodies like the Sun and planets revolving around it. Challenging these established beliefs was considered heresy.

During that era, some inquisitive minds relied on their knowledge, curiosity, perspective, reasoning, and calculations to argue that the Earth was not flat but spherical. One of these trailblazers was Galileo, who famously contradicted the prevailing belief. Before Galileo, other thinkers like Copernicus had also challenged the status quo. However, there were no instruments available at the time to empirically prove their claims. Yet, through their curiosity, unique perspectives, logical reasoning, and intricate calculations, they managed to establish that the Earth was indeed round and orbited the Sun. Their bold assertions came with consequences, but that’s another story.

The Four Pillars of Learning

It’s essential to recognize that the method of studying rests on four fundamental pillars: curiosity, perspective, reasoning, and calculation.

Curiosity: The Spark of Learning

Curiosity is the spark that ignites the flames of learning. Without genuine curiosity, studying can become dull and uninspiring. When your teachers impart knowledge, your inner curiosity should be awakened. You should yearn to delve deeper into the subjects your teachers introduce. Curiosity prevents your mind from wandering during your studies, and nurturing it is essential.

Developing a habit of diving deep into any topic you wish to understand is key to fostering curiosity within yourself.

Perspective: Broadening Your Horizons

Another critical element is perspective. Your perspective on a subject matters greatly. Regardless of the subject at hand, consider your perspective. How do you view it? What are your thoughts on it? What is your stance on the matter? How would you explain it? Your perspective is vital because your teachers may not always cover all facets of a topic; your unique viewpoint can enhance your comprehension. Therefore, expand your perspective. When studying, broaden your horizons and train your mind to consider various angles of a subject.

Reasoning: The Power of Logical Thinking

Reasoning, often referred to as estimation, is an integral part of studying. Making logical deductions about a subject is a skill that must be developed. It is essential to maintain a rational approach in your studies. Each topic should offer a different aspect of reasoning for you to explore. The ability to make logical deductions is crucial during your studies. Without sound reasoning, you cannot fully harness the power of rationality. Therefore, reasoning is a vital component of the study method.

Calculation: The Art of Estimation

Finally, the educational method encompasses calculation or estimation. Estimating or making assumptions about a topic is an inherent part of the learning process. Always strive to be rational in your studies. You should be capable of employing a variety of reasoning techniques for different topics. The ability to make informed estimations is indispensable when studying. Without effective calculation, you cannot fully leverage the benefits of rational thinking. Hence, calculation is a critical factor in the study method.

Fulfilling Your Potential Through Learning

By developing these four elements within yourself, you can significantly enhance your ability to learn. Keep in mind that many discoveries in the world were not documented in books or taught in formal education. Yet, the foundation of every discovery is education because it expands our thinking.

This method of studying is a vital aspect that has empowered countless researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries in the world.

Calling for Your Support

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