“I Can Do It” – The Magical Phrase (Motivational Speech)

i can do it
i can do it
i can do it
i can do it

“I Can Do It” – The Magical Phrase

Have you ever wondered if the phrase “I can do it” holds any real meaning, or if it’s just a way to motivate ourselves by thinking that we can? Does it truly possess magical powers? I believe that many people do indeed find this phrase almost magical.

When we find ourselves surrounded by various challenges and nothing seems right, we often ask ourselves if it’s really possible. However, I claim that the phrase “I can do it” is indeed magical. It can generate a certain energy close to positivity within our consciousness, which enables us to accomplish any task with ease. All the answers to the questions and doubts within our minds are connected to this magical phrase.

Many inspirational figures and motivators have tried to connect you with your inner positivity using this phrase. They do so for a reason because it is the foundation of positivity. However, I believe it goes beyond that; hence, I call it a magical affirmation. “I can do it” is a magical assertion.

When we are trapped in various problems, feeling lost and uncertain, we often ponder questions like:

  • Can I change the circumstances I’m currently facing?
  • Can I achieve my goals?
  • Can I set my life on the right path?
  • Can I do something that no one else has ever done?
  • Can I overcome my troubles?
  • Can I find love in my life?
  • Can I free myself from stress?
  • Can I see God?

Many such questions dwell within us, whether we are in a difficult situation or dealing with stress. However, I believe that all the answers to the questions in our minds are connected to this magical phrase.

Several kinds of people who inspire you or motivate you have, at some point, tried to activate the positive energy within you by associating you with the phrase “I can do it.” They do so because this phrase is the basis of positivity.

But, I believe that it is more than that; therefore, I call it a magical affirmation. “I can do it” is a magical phrase. This phrase connects with our consciousness, not on a physical, mental, or intellectual level but directly with our consciousness. I believe that we do not view our inner “I” on physical, mental, or intellectual terms. We connect it directly with our consciousness. Our subconscious mind is a magical treasure within us. Do you know that?

Yes, indeed, our subconscious mind is a magical treasure, and this phrase, “I can do it,” is the key to that treasure.

About the subconscious mind, we will discuss in-depth in other videos. Just understand for now that our consciousness and the subconscious mind are interconnected. Consciousness is connected to our physical, mental, and intellectual levels, and the subconscious mind is directly connected to our consciousness. If you can connect with your subconscious mind, you can surely do anything you desire, and it will happen just as you wish. This is the power of the subconscious mind, which works through this magical phrase.

For example, when we are drowning in debt and feeling highly stressed, we often don’t know what to do, and sometimes even contemplate ending our lives. It’s a distressing situation, and we think we are trapped with no way out. Is there any way out for us?

In such situations, you need to activate the power of the subconscious mind. Miracles can happen, and we have the key to it – the phrase “I can do it.”

In these situations, we often hope for a miracle, something that can relieve us from our troubles. But, we don’t delve into our minds, so the subconscious mind cannot understand our troubles, and sometimes, we experience things that we shouldn’t.

So, in such situations of distress, it is essential for you to connect with your subconscious mind. Convince yourself that this situation won’t last forever, and there might be something that can help you escape it. Think and repeatedly say to yourself, “I can do it.” You need to do this for 40 days. During this time, you must exercise self-control over your mind and believe that everything will be fine. Keep repeating it to yourself.

You will witness the magic of the phrase “I can do it.” You’ll see changes within you, and you’ll observe that circumstances start to normalize.

“I can do it” will fill you with so much positivity that you’ll have faith that everything will be okay. Many things will become easier for you, especially for the youth who are struggling in a pessimistic beginning. They should experience this magical phrase that fills their minds with enthusiasm, hope, and positivity, which opens the door to their subconscious mind, where miracles can be expected.

This is my personal experience, and I don’t just motivate you; I only share what I have experienced myself. The practice I have mentioned is free, and you can try it. It will surely benefit you in any situation.

I Can Do It : Unlocking the Power of Self-Belief

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