What is Meditation? how to do Meditation properly?

What is Meditation
What is Meditation

 What is Meditation? This article will know the true meaning of Meditation and its importance. Why has Meditation become more critical in today’s era? How can we do Meditation? How many types of Meditation are there? What is Meditation Chakra? And how should we meditate? Also, what are the benefits of Meditation? What changes can Meditation bring in our lives? We will also know.

What is Meditation
What is Meditation

What is Meditation?

What is Meditation:- Meditation is a technique that can develop within oneself the abilities to know oneself and to motivate and balance oneself. Meditation, which we call Meditation, is a yogic practice or technique that reveals our abstention from intellectual and mental disorders and helps us physically discipline our lives.

The meaning of Meditation

What we call Meditation is such an exercise of the mind that we can control our mind. Which we can give relaxation and restraint to the mind. Through Meditation, we can motivate ourselves. You can remove the negative and distractions of the mind and connect yourself with positive thinking, which can use Meditation to release the stress, frustration, failure generated in the mind.

Meditation can be understood by an example, “Just as we cannot see correctly in a dark room with open eyes, but as soon as we light up the room, we can see, Similarly to when the state of mind is full of despair, tension. When the darkness of negativity surrounds the reason, we can illuminate our mind through Meditation.

What is the importance of our life? 

Meditation concentrates the mind, but reflection is needed to balance and restrain the mind. In today’s era, every person has become very busy physically and mentally. In today’s generation, every person is surrounded by stress, trouble, despair, or is suffering from some physical or mental condition. That’s why we need Meditation the most.

There is a constant flow of thoughts going on in our minds. We have lost the stability of the mind in the emotional state. To which we are not able to pay attention due to physical and mental busyness. That is why we must achieve stability of mind by regularly practicing Meditation. 

With Meditation, we will balance the thoughts of our mind. We will make ourselves physically and mentally cheerful and healthy by feeling inner peace, which is very important for today’s situation.

How to do Meditation (How do you meditate?)

Meditation is a yogic action that balances and controls our minds, so it is also imperative to understand how to do it. When we do it in the right way at the right time, it can greatly benefit us. But first, we have to understand well how to do Meditation. For this, we need to keep some things in mind. He understands these things.

  • How should we choose the right place for Meditation?
  • What is the right time for reflection?
  • How to make yourself comfortable to do Meditation.
  • Before meal or after a meal. What is the right time for Meditation?
  • How we have to follow each step of Meditation.

How should we choose the right place for Meditation?

To fix a place for Meditation, we should choose a quiet place. You must have heard or seen many times that many types of sages go to the forests, groves to meditate and do penance because it becomes easy to concentrate the mind in such a place where there is no noise. That’s why we should choose a quiet place for Meditation. We can arrange our Meditation in one room in our house.

What is the right time for Meditation?

There is no such fixed time for Meditation. You can choose any time for reflection, but after waking up in the morning, we can select the time after doing our daily work for Meditation. When we wake up from sleep in the morning, there is calmness in our thoughts. And the ability of our senses to assess is more. And in the morning, the atmosphere is calm and gentle.

You can also choose evening time for Meditation. When we relax after completing all the tasks, that time can also be good for Meditation. It means that when we prepare ourselves for Meditation, the thoughts within our minds should not be fierce or dominate our minds. Whenever there is slack in the studies within us, it is considered a good time for Meditation.

 Comfortable with Meditation.

We will tell you what we have to keep in mind before doing Meditation. While doing Meditation, one should stay away from physical lethargy. Should activate the energy with us. For this, you can do some steps of yoga practice. In Meditation, we need to bring our thoughts down to nothingness. Therefore, we should continuously practice being passive from our reviews.

What is the right time for Meditation?

Meditation is an important thing that you need to understand. That people do Meditation after eating food, which they soon become lethargic and become under sleep. And many people do Meditation before meals despite feeling hungry. Due to which he cannot get complete control over his thoughts. And therefore, he cannot take proper advantage of Meditation in both these situations.

That’s why we want to tell you through this article If you’re going to take good advantage of Meditation, you are advised to do Meditation properly. After eating a little something, you start Meditation after a short walk. Due to this, you will not get sleep or even lethargy. And due to a lack of appetite, you will be able to control your thoughts better.

 Follow the steps of Meditation.

The steps of Meditation that we will tell you to need to know how to follow. Because many people start doing Meditation with a lot of noise, but after 2-4 days, they get discouraged and stop doing Meditation. They feel that Meditation does not benefit.

Meditation is an activity that has benefits—provided that is how we do Meditation. Do we pay attention to the continuity of Meditation? a form of Meditation in which consistency is necessary. Continuity of Meditation will benefit you.


  1. Of Meditation Come to the place you have selected for Meditation. Put a clean cloth or seat in that place and sit on it in a normal position. There is no need to sit in the Padmasana position. In a normal situation, sit in such a position where you feel comfortable.
  2. After sitting, keep your spine straight and relax your muscles. Relax your shoulders and neck, place your hands on your knees, join the thumb and forefinger of your hands, and keep the rest of the fingers straight.
  3. Establish the whole body in a relaxed position and focus your eyes on your nose and close your eyes slowly.
  4. Extend your breath in and out and slowly exhale. During Meditation, we need to repeat this process over and over again. Slowly take a deep breath and release it. Put your attention on your breath. During this, many times, the mind will run towards thoughts, then you have to shift your mind from thoughts and focus on the speed of your breath.
  5. While being in the meditative state, you bring a faint smile to your face, which helps activate the happiness of the mind.
  6. You should do this exercise for 15 to 20 minutes continuously in the beginning days and increase it gradually after a few days.

Benefits of Meditation (meditation benefits)

Now we will know the benefits of Meditation,

  • The feeling of inner happiness is the most significant benefit of Meditation. When we increase reflection continuously, the transition and effect of thoughts in our minds are less. There is no tension or despair, and we can come out of stress and frustration.
  • Developing memory power is a tremendous advantage of Meditation. With regular Meditation, we can significantly increase our memory power. If you are a young student, then Meditation can increase the level of your intellectual ability manifold.
  • If you are troubled by insomnia, have many nightmares after sleeping, or feel more restless while sleeping, then regular Meditation can prove to be a boon for you.
  • If you want to give up your bad habits but cannot do so, then with the help of regular Meditation, you can control the thoughts of bad habits to get rid of your bad habit.
  • Suppose you suffer from any anxiety, or you have a phobia. If you have a blood pressure complaint, Meditation is very beneficial. With regular Meditation, you can get rid of anxiety and control problems like nervousness and blood pressure.
  • Regular 15 to 20 minutes of meditation practice can get rid of physical fatigue, guilt, physical pain.
  • The advantage of regular Meditation is that our thinking improves a lot. Meditation increases positivity in our review, which builds confidence in our minds. Positive thinking always motivates us to move forward in life.

Types of Meditation 

How many types of Meditation are there? And what are the benefits of which kind of Meditation to us?

Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation, in which we attain the state of recitation of a particular mantra-like by chanting this specific mantra, we can block the thoughts from the mind and stabilize the speed of our breath on the recitation of the mantra.

Third Eye Meditation 

Third Eye Meditation is also known as Bhrikuti Meditation. By concentrating the attention between the two eyes, he relaxes the thoughts and attains the purity of his thoughts. By balancing the speed of your breath, you can get the inner bliss of the mind.

Auditory Meditation 

The process of attaining the state of Meditation by listening to a word, mantra, or utterance is called auditory Meditation. In Meditation, we focus on listening to the dish to attain the depth of the mind and control the movement of our breath. Achieve the depth of the mind by word, and we forget every eternity except the word and the reason. There is a feeling of unlimited bliss.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation, which we develop the ability to determine through Yoga Kriyas, is the act of controlling the movement of breath starting from the position of Pranayama from Avlom-Vilom. We attain the voidness of the mind’s thoughts by deep breathing.

Drishti Meditation 

We complete the Meditation process by keeping our eyes open. When we focus our attention on an object and at some point and control the speed of our breath, we achieve emptiness of thoughts.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation is a challenging state of Meditation, which is impossible for everyone to achieve. For this, we need an excellent and EducatedTeacher.

This Yoga is to awaken the seven chakras of the body, which activate the infinite energy in our body, which establishes the extreme point of our breath in the universe. We can know the difference between body and soul.


A few things

Through Meditation, we can infuse new energy in life, which is also helpful in controlling the defects arising in our emotions. Meditation increases our spiritual power, due to which new energy and positivity also get strength within us.

In today’s hectic life, Meditation is becoming essential and essential. Because today a person is losing his self-confidence and is being pulled more for tension and despair. Because of which we have lost our peace of mind.

Meditation has become essential for achieving peace of mind, physical and mental health, expanding our thinking range, and increasing positivity, cheerfulness, and tolerance within ourselves.

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