what is anger? Powerful ways to control your anger

what is anger?
what is anger?

What is anger? Can anger have side effects? What are the disadvantages of anger? Can we control anger? How to control your anger? What are the measures to control anger? What should we do to get rid of anger? We must know all this. Let’s know. We are trying to solve this problem of life

what is anger?

Anger builds up in the opposite state of mind. Some act is done against our mind, or somethings prick the mind, there may be a defect in nature, all these reasons make us angry for a reason. But there is no limit to anger. Anger closes the receptive power of the mind, which forces us to express our thoughts negatively.

Anger can do great harm to us or our own or someone else. Can destroy our lives. Or it can hurt us a lot. Finding a way to control anger is essential for everyone and, above all, those who get angry very quickly or over small things. To overcome anger, one must understand; Otherwise, we will be left with nothing but remorse.

What is anger

Due to a lack of patience and courage in mind, there is a conflict of emotions. And the outburst of those same feelings gives rise to anger. 

Which weakens our estimating power, and the friction of sensations in our brain increases the temperature. Physically, a very rapid increase in heart rate, fast blood flow in the arteries of the eyes, danger signals to the brain, and tremors in the bodily organs can all be understood as physical symptoms of anger. Before understanding how to control bitterness or anger, we need to understand the different signs of irritation.

What is anger? Understand the different symptoms of irritation.

  • A state of conflict of emotions due to a lack of patience.
  • Physical disability and severity of disorders.
  • The state of the neuroticism of our stubbornness.
  • A form of panic in anticipation of danger.
  • A state of fear or tension is evident in behaviour.

Patience Due to lack of conflict of emotions, anger arises in the.

What is anger? Before understanding how to control anger and how to control anger, we need to understand the state of anger arising in mind. Sometimes such a situation is created in his mind. 

which generates fury. In the phase of living, conflicts of feelings occur due to lack of coordination with us in worldly, family, professional or by the predominance of selfishness. Then the intensity of anger increases in mind. And out of anger, we are compelled to make unnecessary decisions. Due to this, we have to go through many difficulties and difficulties in life.

Anger arises from the intensity of physical disabilities or disorders.

What is anger? The weak person is physically or mentally disabled or is bound by disorders due to any reason. When someone makes him an object of ridicule or hurts his feelings, we can also say that it is natural for that person to get injured due to insult. Due to which it is natural for anger to build up in that person’s mind.

Whether this anger arises or not depends on the other person. But the decisions taken due to compulsion and anger can cause a loss on both sides. If such persons are faced with questions about how to control bitterness or anger, they must keep restraint in their mind and always take recourse to forgiveness by keeping emotions under control. 

Due to which the feeling of repentance is exposed in the sense of the person who ridicules himself. The one who mocks himself should be ashamed of himself by derisive words.

Anger arises from the neurotic state of our stubbornness.

What is anger? A person who is frustrated by his nature, qualities and intellect. For one’s selfishness is the cause of one’s sufferings. In which there are narrow feelings towards human values. 

Neuroticism is attained to fulfil its needs. Anger is its nature. And it is also fatal for human life values. And for that person also that quality of character is disastrous. Socially or organically, that person becomes isolated.

Fears of danger also generate anger.

What is anger? When we are in a defensive position in anticipation of danger, we resort to aggression to prove ourselves or deal with the situation. This aggression generates anger in us. In that passion, we make decisions without thinking. And that causes us a great deal of loss or remorse.

In practice, a situation of apparent fear or tension generates anger.

What is anger? Professionally we are busy mobilizing the means of living. Behaviours are essential to get the means of happiness to make life better. 

Treachery in behaviour or creating a harmful situation increases tension or fear. And apprehensions of uncertainty or fear generate anger in the mind. Building from that anger, suffering far-reaching consequences can change the course of life.

What is the harm of anger?

Anger is the source of negative emotions, filling our thinking with negativity. Therefore, we cannot benefit from any anger. Anger is a symptom of mental demerits, so it can only harm us. Can harm us. Anger works under the influence of physical forces by disturbing the mind. Hence its consequences are far-reaching.

Anger drains our social or organizational power. Anger can create a rift in our worldly and family relationships. Anger can affect our means of earning. Can lead us to imprisonment for harm caused by the use of physical forces. Anger shows the weakness of our minds.

Can we control anger?

First of all, we have to determine the causes of anger by knowing the reasons mentioned above. Then we have to think about how helpless and helpless we see ourselves in a state of rage. We need patience, courage, positive thinking, and faith to deal with any situation.

In the event of anger, we have to avoid any work.

You cannot know the difference between words in anger, so keeping silent is the most sensible thing. If we cannot remain silent in anger, we should leave the situation and walk away from there. Controlling the state of emotions in rage is a bit difficult, so we should, first of all, sit in solitude with our ears and eyes closed and control the heart rate and breathing energy by relaxing it.

We do this treatment or action when we get angry for 20 to 30 minutes. So definitely, in the event of anger, you can control anger.

What should we do to get rid of anger completely?

Our mind also has many demerits like attachment, greed, mastery, jealousy and anger. This feeling is present in every person’s sense in more or less quantity. 

To eradicate it from the mind, after many years of meditation, Dharana, austerity, one has to awaken the spiritual force and attain the state of detachment. Not everyone wants to be detached from worldly pleasures, so every sophisticated person cannot achieve this state.

Therefore, by cancelling the effect of these demerits,

We can keep these demerits in a dormant state in mind. We have to understand the importance of meditation. To stabilize the reason, we need to practice meditation. We have to keep our thinking positive. Positivity of mind is optimistic, which expands new imaginations. Don’t let your thoughts get corrupted. And we have to awaken the feeling of faith in the mind intensely. Faith is the basis of our thinking.

The practice of meditation, the positivity of thinking, and the mind’s faith are three things we must teach in life forever. These three things increase patience and courage in mind. It calms the mind. and reduces the impulse of the feeling of anger.

Even if a feeling of anger arises in our minds, we have to keep ourselves calm and increase the scope of our thinking through discussions.

Before making any decision, we need to be aware of their flaws, problems, and meaningfulness. Which clears and clears the doubts of our minds.

We must renounce our obstinate nature and make our generosity clear by accepting all-inclusive ideas.

Anger is a feeling of human nature that we cannot give up, but we can prevent it from manifesting by our conduct, behaviour and understanding.

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