Is a 740 Credit Score Good? realistic analysis

Is a 740 Credit Score Good?
Is a 740 Credit Score Good?

Is a 740 Credit Score Good? realistic analysis

I needed clarification about whether a 740 credit score was good, average, or wrong. Then I tried to reduce my confusion by knowing the opinion of many experts, but the dilemma remained. And so I started reading information online and offline by many publishers and experts.

After reading a lot on this subject, I have come to some basic conclusions, and after much analysis, the 740 credit score is perfect. But along with this, it is also necessary to know enough possibilities for this.

Is a 740 Credit Score Good?

A 740 credit score is better than a pessimistic one, as it can be a positive step towards an exceptional score (800-850). This is a higher-than-average credit score of 714, from where you can take fresh action towards a better score and become the recipient of the best loan terms, from which you can get credit card rewards with the least attractive interest rates and fees.

This may be a promising situation for the borrower, but at the same time, we must raise some questions in mind. for example,

  • What does a credit score of 740 mean?
  • What can you do with 740 credits?
  • What percentage of people have a 740 credit score?
  • What is an excellent credit score?

Knowing these questions lets us know if Is 740 Credit Score is Good? You can see this question very well.

What does a credit score of 740 mean?

This credit score is measured by experts with both positive and negative connotations. But when we talk about credit rating, it should be seen as a positive because it is higher than the average score and can go ahead with the scope of getting an excellent rating.

What matters is when did we get this score? Because we have paid our credit regularly and on time. If we had not done this, we would have been far below average, which would have been much worse than a credit score of 740.

The 740 credit score is good, and we must keep working toward excellence.

What can you do with 740 credits?

Really interesting to know. Why is 740 a good credit score? Or why do I go with this conclusion? An essential reason for this is that, with this score, you have a lot of scope to get more qualified and move on to financial products, which creates opportunities to avail of loans.

What Kind of Loan Can You Get With 740 Credit? Here as an example, we talk about some cases, eg.

  • auto loan
  • mortgages
  • students loan

auto loan with a 740 credit score

According to Equifax data published in 2022, I see over 60% of auto loan applications with an average credit score of around (714), which increases the ability to get an auto loan with 740 credit. But it is essential to look at the comparison of auto loan options for a lower APR.

Mortgages with a 740 credit score

Regarding loan application scores high enough to buy a home, borrowers with scores less than 740 credit scores received about 40% (Fact – Equifax data published in 2022). So with a 740 credit score, we get it for sure.

Student Loan With a 740 Credit Score

Borrowers with an average credit score above 70% (714) should also find getting student loans easy on our 740 credit score. And so it is. According to Equifax data published in 2022, more than 70% of borrowers in student loans received around the average credit score.

What percentage of people have a 740 credit score?

The answer to this question cannot be accurate in many ways. In fact, many people do not check their credit scores. This could be the main reason for this. But we can know some things, like excellent credit score or bad credit score, can be a higher percentage than average or above credit score.

This is because people with an average or above (740) credit score only sometimes hold onto that position. Either they get an excellent credit score, or it slips down.

740 credit score by income

The credit score depends on many factors, such as the average age limit of our credit card, spending within our means and loan repayments. Also, income proves to be an essential factor. For example, people earning an average of $50,000 annually maintain and increase their credit scores well.

What is an excellent credit score?

Looking at the standard marks, a score of 750 to 850 is considered excellent, with a rating of 300 to 850. Which is tested on the prescribed parameters.

  • Credit card and loan settlement experience of more than 1.5 years
  • Regularity in bill payment within the stipulated time frame
  • No delay of 60 days on any bill
  • never declared bankruptcy

We can increase our good credit score towards an excellent score in the above parameters.

How To Improve Your 740 Credit Score

We must aim to improve our credit scores. For which we need to pay attention to some things.

Less than 30% utilization of available credit

Experts always keep their views on this matter. They believe that using less than 30% of the available credit is always a safe and beneficial decision, which is crucial to increasing our credit score. The closer we get to 100%, the more it damages our credit score.

Pay bills within the time limit.

It is essential to enhance the credit score rating. If you do not pay even within 60 days after the stipulated time, it will harm your credit score. That’s why you must pay your bills within the specified time and make it a habit.

related questions

What Kind of Loan Can I Get With a 740 Credit Score?

740 credit score is good, from which there should not be any problem with any kind of loan. The above information has detailed that Auto loans, Mortgages, and Students can get loans.

How long does it take to get a 740 credit score?

It depends on your current credit score. If you are currently between 600 to 700, it may take you 6 to 12 months to get a 740 credit score, and if you have a score below 600, you may take more time to get above your score.

Is 740 a good credit score to buy a home?

Yes, of course. A FICO score between 740 and 850 is generally considered in the very good to excellent credit score range for buying a home. If your credit score is 740, then it is a good score.

Is 740 a good credit score for buying a car?

Different credit bureaus, including TransUnion CIBIL, Experian, CRIF High Mark and Equifax, use other scoring models, yet have similar credit score ratings for buying a car, so from 700-750. A credit score above that is generally considered good.

What is considered a good credit score?

An above-average credit score is a good credit score. Which further increases the chances of scoring excellent scores. That’s why 740 is a good credit score.


I am not an expert in the related subject, so I will not be able to specify my opinion. As a beginner, I get acquainted with many articles with my interest. Is a 740 Credit Score Good? I have gone through many studies to know this. After reading many experts’ positive and negative views, I have given my opinions here.


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