How to competitive exams preparation? Best tips to crack competitive exams

competitive exams preparation
competitive exams preparation

How to competitive exams preparation? Best tips to crack competitive exams

If you are preparing for a competitive exam then you have given tips to crack competitive exams, how to competitive exams preparation? Or questions like  must have been searched on the internet. And you must have also got the steps to prepare for the competitive exam. But do you think that many steps is enough for you?

competitive exams preparation

Through this article, I want to talk to all the students who are preparing for the competitive exam now, or want to give the competitive exam.

First of all I believe that it is very important to set our own mind to crack the competitive exam, it is important to understand the need of the competitive exam, and it is also important for us to know the basis of the competitive exam.

Friends, no exam is hard like where one goes about the competitive exam that it is a very hard exam. But in reality it is not so. In this article, I will tell you these things which will change your attitude towards cracking the competitive exam.

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What is competitive exam

First of all ask yourself this question? What is a competitive exam? And why is it so important? Try to understand the importance of competitive exams. What kind of person is needed for the post for which we are giving a competitive exam?

As you all know, a competitive exam is taken for the post of Administrative Services. The competency of the person who is going to be appointed to that post is tested by the competitive exam. The test which is taken to test that person’s thinking, situational decision-making ability, neutrality, dynamism of thoughts, comprehension, clarity, sense of responsibility, is called a competitive exam.

Therefore, it is very important to develop and expand these qualities within oneself before appearing for the competitive exam. Because if this quality is within you, then surely you will try to look at the questions coming in the exam from a different perspective.

What is the basis of a competitive exam?

Do you know what is the basis of a competitive exam? It is important to know this for every student who is preparing for the competitive exam. Basically, having three things in you is very important for a competitive exam.

  1. logic
  2. Calculation
  3. Approach

(On the basis of these three things, great scientists like Copernicus, Aryabhata, where our earth was round without any resources, on the basis of these three things the great scientist Einstein put the relativity theory in front of the world.)

I believe that if a student builds these three things in himself, then he can crack any kind of competitive exam. You can think for your motivation that even when there is no resource, just through his logical intellect and comprehensive approach and calculation, a person can know the difference of the universe, then with the resources and ideas we have we can make our One cannot crack an exam on the basis of reasoning, approach and calculation. Absolutely can.

competitive exams preparation

First of all we know how we can build these three things within ourselves.


You have to think about how much we can expand our thinking, how we can create rational thoughts within ourselves.

  • Try to think about everything from every angle.
  • Try to think of everything in the past, future, present.
  • Try to understand the nuances of anything.

When we study, we try to solve old questions of competitive exams, we have to use logic in that. (Always remember one thing, be it any question, it always points to the answer, gives a hint. If we understand the question logically, then we know the means of calculation)


Understanding calculation is the most important thing to crack a competitive exam. What question wants to ask us? If we understand this tense of the question then we can make the calculation easy. To practise this, we have to find the calculation in everything and try to solve it. Calculate everything with which you are imagining or dreaming in your life.

(To crack the questions of competitive exam, we have to first understand the questions well, and then do the calculations)

There is nothing difficult for the students who can understand the logic and theory of calculation very well.


Approach is an important part of the success of anything. What is your attitude towards what? On this your chances of success and failure can be seen. If you study in advance thinking that competitive exams are very difficult, then surely the exams will become difficult and will reduce your chances of succeeding. So it is very important to have a comprehensive and positive attitude to crack the competitive exam.

Now let’s talk about how we have to study to crack the competitive exam.

Remove the word “difficult” from your mind

Friends, always remember one thing that no study is difficult, the thing we think about, we find it easy and the thing we can not think about it seems difficult. That’s what happens.

Think about it, when you would have gone to class 10th, then you would have found it difficult to study in that class, and now that you have passed 12th, you find it very easy to study in class 10th.

This is only because then you were ignorant of that study and now you know, this is the only difference. Therefore, while studying for the competitive exam, whatever difficulty we find, keep trying to understand, to know about it from the beginning. It is easy, you can do this with a little practice.

Make time table and follow it

Time table is necessary for any matter, so that we can save a lot of our time, and can bring discipline in our studies. Only through discipline, we are able to do studies well. So make two time tables. One for the daily routine and the other for your studies, so that you can distribute your time well.

focus yourself

If you want to crack the competitive exam then it is important for you to stay focused and calm. If you are focused and calm, then of course you can focus quite well. For this, include meditation and yoga in your daily routine. It is foolish to associate meditation and yoga with any religion. Meditation and yoga prove to be important for balancing the body structure and the senses and senses. One who concentrates the mind.

Get into the habit of making notes

It is important for you to know how you are interpreting what you are reading. So whatever you are studying, whatever you are studying, try to elaborate it in your own words, make notes for it.

You know that whatever you are studying will not come in the same competitive exam, on that basis you can be asked anything, on the basis of one question, different types of questions can be asked to you. So whatever you are studying, expand it with your own thinking and make notes of it. So that you can understand any question related to this.

trust in yourself

Always say one thing to yourself “If they can do it then why not me, those who have cracked competitive exams are also human beings like me”.

This thing is also 100% true, we underestimate ourselves from others, or we become overconfident, so we are not able to move forward. Nothing is impossible in the world, and every thing has all kinds of possibilities, we just need to mould ourselves that way. what we can do.


Friends, in this article on how to competitive exams preparation? Best tips to crack competitive exams, we have told you how to crack competitive exams apart from studying. If you want, I would like to tell you in detail on how to prepare subject wise for competitive exams. Tell me about this in the comment box. If you have any questions related to this then you can ask in the comment box.


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