Is Dark Matter Really Gravitational Energy?

Is Dark Matter Really Gravitational Energy?
Is Dark Matter Really Gravitational Energy?

Is Dark Matter Really Gravitational Energy?

Gravity still remains a puzzle for scientists, whenever we try to explain gravity on the basis of logic, then we can consider Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity to be accurate. But still I believe that to understand gravity, we need to clarify the basis of many types of thinking and reasoning.

Is Dark Matter Really Gravitational Energy?

Is the rapid expansion of the universe due to gravity? This is an unsolved puzzle, which scientists can look at in many ways. But whenever I think about gravity, I think that gravity is not present in the universe, but the universe is expanding in gravity, which is spreading rapidly to the edge of gravity. For this I base different arguments.

Exactly how do we see gravity?

Albert Einstein gave an explanation of gravity in the theory of relativity that differs from Newton’s explanation of gravitation and provides the most accurate. Albert Einstein’s general relativity is a way of describing gravity by attributing it to the curvature of space-time that occurs in the presence of massive objects. Massive objects cause space-time to stretch. But my reasoning is forcing me to interpret it differently.

I think that the universe travels in time due to the expansion of gravity, in fact we need to understand the two types of gravitational force differently, which is explained in general relativity.

weak gravitational force and strong gravitational force

I do not believe that the force of gravity exists in the universe, I think that the expansion of the universe is due to the expansion of the force of gravity, which many scientists call dark matter, which is actually the expansion of gravity. Which we need to understand in two ways. The general relativity theory states the curvature of time, which I am forced to accept as a half-truth, I think this curvature is due to the weak gravitational force, due to the strong or dense gravitational force present in the matter of the universe. And time deals with weak and strong or extreme gravity differently.

I think that what we call dark matter is actually the spread of both weak and extreme gravitational forces, in which the universe is expanding rapidly. And this expansion extends with time to the end of the force of gravity.

In fact, gravity must be measured at both the force and energy level. I think that gravity is a form of energy outside the universe that acts like a force with the expansion of the universe. it’s possible. Because in the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein talked about gravitational particles, and he also believed that gravity could exist in the form of particles, which has been given the hypothetical term of graviton. I think this is true but the graviton can exist outside the universe, where gravity is located in the form of energy.

What are my thoughts on dark matter?

How do we see what we call dark matter? I think that what we call dark matter is actually gravitational energy, such a layer of excessive and weak gravitational energy between which the universe is expanding, this energy acts as a force in the universe.

The theory of relativity talks about the curvature of time with gravity, which is correct, but I think it is a state of dispersion of extreme gravity with weak gravity, where matter in the universe has a greater force than the weak gravitational force. The force of gravity must be involved.

Regarding black holes, we can say that there is such a hole in the spread of the weak gravitational force present in the universe, from which we can see the excessive gravitational energy of dark matter. Gravitational energy present in a black hole is only a part of dark matter, where there is no space for any other energy, so light energy cannot cross it.


I keep my views on the basis of my logic, which I do not believe to be right or wrong, I believe that in fact dark matter is gravitational energy, this is nothing but my argument. Because I cannot prove my point mathematically or analytically. That’s why I can’t force anyone to say my words, only I write my reasoning.

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