Is it really that hard to steal an electric vehicle?

steal an electric vehicle

If protecting your car from being stolen is unnecessary, then Electric Vehicles (EVs) offer a robust anti-theft option. It’s tough to steal an electric vehicle. Many ways to know this are given below, which you should read.

steal an electric vehicle

It is impossible to claim that electric vehicles are not stolen because thieves have a lot of tricks. But many such safe methods make it difficult for the electric car to be stolen to a great extent. For example, stealing an electric vehicle is more manageable than a car with an internal combustion engine. Something that separates electric vehicle from internal combustion engine cars is that it is difficult to steal.

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  • car and your phone connect via BlueTooth
  • Car Tracking Device
  • pin access
  • Security via App

Along with the above, many tricks make it difficult for car thieves to steal electric cars. We know in detail.

Why is it difficult to steal an electric vehicle?

First of all, let’s talk about the key to the vehicle. A thief sees the car’s key, But in electric vehicles, there is a relay that is connected to your mobile phone, which means you can start the car without the key, even using the PIN.

This means a thief will have to steal your mobile phone first to steal your electric car and will have to find him the PIN you use as a key.

An electric car cannot be easily stolen. Even if a thief steals it intelligently, an electric vehicle has a tracking system added, enabling the car to interact with the developers. The developers can easily track your stolen electric vehicle. And you can recover the car by contacting the local police.

People who think stealing an electric vehicle is easy do not know that it is connected to the owner’s Bluetooth, without which it cannot start. Or through the guest card issued by the car developers.

In fact, to steal the car, the thief will have to combine many things, yet he will need to find out whether he can steal the car or not, and even if he steals, the chances of getting caught will be high.

Your electric car is connected to developers or car companies through the app. This API key provides security to your vehicle through the app from a security point of view.

And now, let’s talk about why a thief would want to manipulate anything by hooking up wires? Even the prospect of death. Playing with DC current in the true sense proves to be an invitation to your death. Then why would a thief risk his life?

The above information suggests that stealing an electric car is difficult, but do you know there are many intelligent ways thieves try. This can indeed happen. The electric car owner needs to pay attention to some methods.

Car Theft Prevention Tips It 

Car owners must take steps to keep electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines safe.

  • Using anti-theft devices can make it difficult for thieves, for which car owners can use alarms, GPS trackers, and ignition kill switches.
  • Securing the PIN or any password on the mobile is essential. It always needs to be taken care of.
  • No car owner should ever lose his keys. It is unsafe to leave the keys in the car while parked. That’s why you always have to be careful.

Why is it difficult to steal a Tesla electric car?

Tesla has added many things from a security point of view. The Tesla car is attached to the car owner’s mobile phone by BlueTooth, which acts as a key.

Or you can use a guest card issued by Tesla as a secure key. Also, you can track your car through the Tesla app. And then, you can call the police and ask them to work with Tesla.

Why is it difficult to steal an electric car at a public charger station?

Electric cars connected to public chargers are difficult to steal because the charging plug has a manually operated lock.

Attempting to release the locking mechanism through the charging station will prompt you to authorize the action via your mobile app, or you can scan your RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card to authenticate authorization. More importantly, it also requires the exact RFID card that initiated the charging process to unlock the car.

Is it difficult to steal a Tesla EV battery?

Stealing an electric vehicle battery is challenging because it is located under the floor in the center of the car and weighs up to 1200 pounds. The thief would need to lift the vehicle and have extensive electrical knowledge of Tesla systems to remove the high-voltage battery without causing fatal injury.


From the above information, we can understand that it is challenging to steal an electric vehicle, but considering it impossible, it is also not suitable to be relaxed. We need to take essential steps from the point of view of our security and be alert.


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