How may an electric vehicle’s battery life be extended?

How may an electric vehicle's battery life be extended?
How may an electric vehicle's battery life be extended?

How may an electric vehicle’s battery life be extended?

Lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles are the most expensive part of them. Usually, this battery lasts easily for about 5-7 years. Most companies give a full warranty of 10 years on the battery pack. After this, they need to be replaced because an electric vehicle’s range and power depend on the battery’s capacity.

How may an electric vehicle's battery life be extended?
How may an electric vehicle’s battery life be extended?

If you also have an electric car, scooter or bike and want its battery to remain safe for a long time, then you have to take care of some important things. With this, you will get a good range of EVs, and the battery will also be safe.

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  • Always park in a cool place
  • Avoid using fast charging
  • keep using the battery
  • avoid frequent charging
  • Wait to charge the battery immediately after a ride.

If you keep these things in mind, you can increase the life of your battery. It needs to be understood in detail.

Always park in a cool place.

Avoid exposure to high temperatures while parking the electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are equipped with an automatic temperature control system to keep the normal temperature low. This system only works when the ignition is on, and the vehicle uses the battery. If the EV is parked where the temperature is high and the temperature system is not working, then the risk of fire increases.

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Avoid using fast charging.

Fast charging technology is very important in electric vehicles. Fast charging charges an EV battery much faster than its standard charging time. This system is very convenient for EV owners but could be better for battery life. Standard charging for one year will give 10% more battery life than fast charging for one year.

Keep using the battery.

When electric vehicles are parked for long periods with fully charged batteries at a complete shutdown, this leads to battery degradation. Maintaining a battery charge is always important for the long life of an EV battery. It is like a mobile phone battery. Always try to keep the battery charge between 25 to 75 percent. Also, switch off the MCB if you are not using the battery for more than four days.

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Avoid frequent charging

Keeping the battery of an electric vehicle fully charged is a good thing, but the battery has to be charged repeatedly. Frequent charging of the battery can cause its condition and performance to deteriorate faster than normal times. Even though a fully charged battery gives more range, it could be better for the battery’s life.

Do not charge the battery immediately after the ride

Avoid charging the battery immediately after returning home from the vehicle. It gets very hot whenever the battery is used while the EV is running. Charging immediately after a ride does not cool down the battery. Therefore, allow at least 30 minutes for the battery to cool down before charging.


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