What is the battery replacement cost for EV in 2022

battery replacement cost for EV

EV Battery Replacement Cost

The idea of ​​buying an electric vehicle comes with several questions, mainly the performance of the EV battery, as well as the maintenance and replacement cost of this standard EV battery. Searchers always find such questions to convince them to buy an electric vehicle.

 battery replacement cost for EV

In short, there is no need to change this EV battery for at least 7-8 years after buying the EV, as the developers give a warranty of 8 years/1,60,000 km (whichever is earlier) on the battery. So be sure about the cost of battery replacement when buying an EV.

As far as the cost of battery replacement goes, while it’s a bit more expensive than a gas-powered vehicle, electric batteries can run you between $4,000 and $20,000 when you need to replace them. Although we know electric vehicle batteries are costlier than gas-powered vehicles, they have a much longer life span.

Searchers need to know about this in detail to get a suitable solution.

In this article, we will learn about the construction of EV batteries, battery life, the cost of EV battery replacement in detail, and ways to maximize EV battery life. Hence it will be necessary for the explorers coming up with the idea of ​​buying an EV.

electric vehicle battery

An EV battery is the heart of an electric vehicle. An EV without a battery is just a corpse. We all know this, then the first question related to EV batteries comes, how long does the battery last? This question is generally expected for all batteries. And the answers to this also vary. Here we will learn about EV battery, which is made from lithium-ion technology.

You must have heard about lithium-ion batteries many times because lithium-ion batteries are used in different capacities, along with the use of essential electronic resources, including mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

I believe that after 2016, battery performance can be significantly improved due to unprecedented battery modifications,

EV Battery Expected Lifespan

To determine the life of an EV battery, we see that an electric vehicle battery loses its ability to hold a charge. This is a condition of battery degradation. For some reason, we reach early when an EV battery is destroyed.

  • drying out of the electrolyte solution inside the battery
  • Electrode wear out from repeated use over time
  • Lousy seal on the battery case
  • Damage to electrodes and electrolytes by air and moisture

We see some reasons why the EV battery is in bad condition.

We have seen EV developers giving a warranty of 8 years or 1,60,000 km (whichever is earlier) for EV batteries. But there is also a situation of premature deterioration for an EV battery. In fact, we can see it in mobile phone battery, which is made of lithium-ion.

If the EV owner has started with a new EV, the developers are responsible for the battery’s condition within 8 years, which is contractual. But in such a situation, when you think of buying a used electric vehicle and running it, you should worry about the battery’s running time.

EV battery replacement costs by different companies

The cost of replacing an electric vehicle battery can vary depending on a few factors, such as the make and model of an electric vehicle and the type of battery required. We look at some of the companies’ EV models currently on sale and compare their battery replacement prices.

chevy volt

You must have heard about the Chevy Volt in the last few years when they recalled these batteries due to some manufacturing defects. However, based on estimates from 2018, the total cost of a new battery and labor for a 6 kWh battery could be around $16,250.

(Current figures include battery installation, estimated to cost around $870.)

tesla EV model

The cost of the battery for the Tesla EV is estimated at $15,500, which includes all expenses, including installation. But the specific and accurate value of battery cost needs to be listed on Tesla’s official website.

EV owners can easily save on labor costs if they feel comfortable doing the work themselves. But is the EV owner convinced of this? Until then, it is recommended to leave this job to professionals.

BMW i3

BMW has reported a cost of around $16,000 to replace the 22 kWh battery in its BMW i3 models. This was for the 2013–2016 model years with the 22 kWh pack, equating to $727/ kWh in real 2016 dollars.

But a battery pack with a capacity of about 17.14 kWh is selling for $2,500 on eBay today. This equates to approximately $145/kWh. This is significant savings.

Nissan Leaf

Compared to competing developers, Nissan Leaf proves to be quite economical with the Leaf EV, a 24 kWh battery will cost around $4,500, and an additional $1,000 in labor will add up to $5,500. Still, from the point of view of the EV owner, it is a good investment.

eBay can be a cheap idea in EV battery cost, as some EV owners have found batteries on eBay that are a fraction of what the dealership would charge. Compared to the original example, the battery for the 2016 to 2018 models costs $3,000, which can save the EV owner over $10,000.

But it can also be risky for EV owners, as it is essential to ensure the quality of the battery before buying a used battery. The battery mentioned above was reduced to 17.14kWh in capacity on eBay, so be careful when buying used car parts. Also, beware of counterfeit or third-party products that may void the warranty.

Ways to Maximize Battery Life

We look at the natural and traditional ways in which battery life declines and battery life reduces with use. But if we look at some methods, we can save the EV battery from premature or quick damage.

Don’t leave your EV fully charged or low for a long time. Maintain an average of charging.
Do not use DC fast charging frequently or at public stations. Limit it.
Bring your battery to room temperature before setting it.
It’s a good idea to park in the shade during the warmer months to keep your battery cool.


New technologies are being revised and elaborated, and all possible ideas will be changed considering these requirements in the future of EVs. This includes reducing the cost of EV batteries and increasing battery performance, so we may get affordable batteries in 8-10 years.


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